九年级英语全册Unit 8 It must belong to Carla Grammar Focus课件(人教新目标版)











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Unit 8Section AGrammar FocusReviewTranslate the phrases.outside the windowhave funnext-door neighborat firstrun awayfeel uneasyhave no ideahave fun (in) doing sth.在窗外玩得高兴隔壁邻居最初; 首先逃跑心神不安一点不知道; 没办法做某事很愉快--- Whose volleyball is this?--- Itmustbe Carla’s. She loves volleyball.--- Whose book is this?--- Itmustbe Mary’s. J.K. Rowling is her favorite writer.--- Whose hair band is this?--- Itcouldbe Mei’s.Read the sentences below, paying attention to the colored parts.--- Whose notebook is this?--- Itmustbe Ming’s. It has her name on it.--- Whose French book is this?--- Itcouldbe Carol’s. She studies French.--- Whose guitar is this?--- Itmightbelong to Alice. She plays the guitar.--- Whose T-shirt is this?--- Itcan’tbe John’s. It is too small for him.Read more sentences.mustcan’tcouldmight100%probably true20%-80%possibly true0almost not true表示推测的情态动词在英语中,表示对某件事物的确定程度,即表示推测的时候,我们通常会用到以下情态动词: must, might, could, may, can’t, couldn’t。可能性:must > can/could > may/mightcan not (can’t)could not (couldn’t)may notmight not情态动词表推测一、mustmust表示可能性最大的肯定推测,意思是“一定、准是”。只能用于肯定句。如果要表示“一定不”,应该用can't。如果询问可能性时,应该用can。He must know the answers.他肯定知道答案。He can't know the answers.他肯定不知道答案Can he know the answer?他知道答案吗?二、can / couldcan表示推测“可能性”时,一般用于否定句或疑问句。can在疑问句中意思是“会,可能”。He can’t pick her schoolbag up.他不可能拿了她的书包。could表示某事有可能发生或可能是事实。Don’t eat it. It could go bad.不要吃它,可能坏了。The plane could be put off by the storm.这趟飞机可能会因为暴风雨而推迟。could还可用于表示客气、礼貌、委婉的请求语气。Could you please help me with my homework?你能帮我完成我的家庭作业吗?三、may / mightmay, might表示推测“可能性”时,意思是“可能”,“也许”。might不表示过去时态,语气更委婉,可能性更小。may, might表推测时,可用于否定句,但不用于疑问句。He may / might not be at home, but I'm not sure.他可能不在家,不过我也不确定。情态动词表示推测可以分为以下几种情况:★情态动词+ do  此结构表示对现在或将来情况的推测和判断—Do you know where she is now?—I think shemight travelin Beijing.     ★情态动词+ be doing  此结构表示对现在或将来正在进行的情况的推测和判断。At this moment, my fathercan’t be workingin the office.★情态动词+ have done     此结构表示对过去情况的推测和判断。The road is wet. Itmust have rainedlast night. ★情态动词+ have been doing    此结构表示对过去正在进行的情况的推测和判断。Your mothermust have been looking foryou at that moment.根据句意,从方框中选择正确的情态动词填空,每项限用一次。should, must, can’t, may not, mustn’t1. That ______ be Lucy. She has gone to      Beijing on business.2. There _________ be something wrong      with my watch. It isn’t working now.can’tmust3. He ________ know the answer, either.Let’s ask that policeman.4. You _______ swim in the river. It’sdangerous.5. You ________ look after your parentswhen they become older. It’s your duty.may notmustn’tshould用must, might, could或can’t填空The toy car_______be Jim’s. He is the only kid at the picnic.2. This Mp5_____________be Linda’s. I know she has one.3. The mobile phone ____________ belong to Lucy or Lily. They both have mobile phones.4. The man _______ be Mr Smith. He has gone to Shanghai and he’ll be back in three days.mustcould / mightcould / mightcan’t4aChoose the best way to complete each sentence using the words in brackets.1. A: Where’s Jean?B: I’m not sure. She __________ (is/might be/must be) in thelaboratory.might ben.实验室2. A: Everyone isgoingto the pool after school.B: Really? It ________ (must be / can’t be /could be ) hotoutdoors.must be表示“位移”的动词用现在进行时态表将来,例如:go去, come来, leave离开, arrive到达, return回来, fly飞。adv.在户外,在野外e.g. Iam coming. = I will come.Heis leaving forParis. = He will leave for Paris.3. A: That’s the phone.B: Hmm. Iwonderwho it __________ (must be / could be / should be).could be4. A: Iwonderif there are Jim’s glasses.B: They _________ (can’t be / might be /could be) his. He doesn’t wear glasses.can’t bewonderv.“想知道”(want to know)No wonder + 句子,“难怪.....”e.g.No wonderyou are angry. 难怪你会生气。5. A: I hear water running in the bathroom.B: It _________________ (could be / must be / can’t be) Carla. She was thinking of taking a shower.could be / must beA: Many people are wearing coats.B: The weather must be ______________________________.2. A: Sally has been coughing a lot.B: She might be _______________________.3. A: This restaurant is always crowded.B: The food _______________________.4. A: Whenever I try to read this book, I feel sleepy.B: It can’t __________________.4bComplete these responses.getting colder / cold outsidehaving a sore throat / illmust be deliciousbe that boring4cLook at this picture of a room. How much can you tell about the person who lives here? Is it a boy or a girl? What are his / her hobbies? Discuss your ideas with a partner.A: It could be a girl’s room because it’s very tidy.B: I guess so. But it might be a boy’s roombecause the clothes look like boys’ clothes.Look at the two rooms below. Make guesses about the owner of each room.A:It could / might / can't be ... because ...B:I guess so / I don’t think so. But itmight / could / must be ... because ...







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