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Unit 8Section A(1a — 2d)I’m Lily. I like dancing.Lilymaybe a dancer when she grows up.Read the sentences.I’m Li Ming.I like playing football.This footballcan’tbe Lily’s./ This footballcan’t belong to Lily.Itmustbe Li Ming’s.Itmust belong toLi Ming.The little dogmustbe hungry.The manmusthave a toothache.1aLook at the picture on Page 57. Write the things you see in the correct columns in the chart.ClothingFun thingsKitchen thingsT-shirtbaseball capmagazine (rabbits)book (Harry Potter)toy truckCD (Michael Jackson)cupplatevolleyballhatjacket1bListen and match each person with athing and a reason.PersonThingReasonJane’s little brotherMaryCarlaDeng WenGracevolleyball toy truckmagazine book CDJ. K. Rowling is her favorite writer.She loves volleyball.He was the only little kid at the picnic.She always listens to pop music.He loves rabbits.1cPractice the conversation in the picture above.Then make conversations using the information in 1b.A:Whose book is this?B: It must be Mary’s. J.K. Rowling is her favorite writer.A:Whose toytruckis this?B: It must be Jane’s little brother’s. / It must belong to Jane’s little brother. Because he was the only little kid in the picnic.A: Whose magazine is this?B: It must beDeng Wen’s. / It must belong to Deng Wen.He loves rabbits.A: Whose CD is this?B: It must beGrace’s ./ It must belong to Grace.She always listens to pop music.Whose … is this ?It can’tbe …’s. Because …It mustbe …’s. Because …It could / might be …’s. Because …belong to …belong to …belong to …Whose … is it?Whose T-shirt is it?It must be …’s./ It must belong to …Whose book is it?It must be …’s./ It must belong to …Whose skirt is it?It might be …Whose glasses are they?They might be …What do you usually have in your schoolbag?hair bandT-shirttennis ballsbookmagazine2aBob and Anna found a schoolbag at the park. Listen and write down the things in the schoolbag.Things in the schoolbag1.__________________________.2.__________________________.3.__________________________.T-shirthair bandtennis ballsThe person ________ go to our school.The person ________ be a boy.It ________ be Mei’s hair band.The hair band _______ belong to Linda.It ________ be Linda’s schoolbag.can’tcouldmightmust2bListen again. Fill in the blanks.mustUse “must” to show that you think something is probably true.Use “might” or “could” to show that you think something is possibly true.Use “can’t” to show that you are almost sure something is not true.Tips情态动词must, might, could, can’t表示推测,后面都接动词原形,都可以表示对现在情况的揣测和推断,但他们含义有所不同。must一定,肯定(100%的可能性)might, could有可能,也许(20%-80%的可能性) can’t不可能,不会(可能性几乎为零)The dictionarymust behis. It has his name on it.The CDmight/couldbelong to Tony because he likes listening to pop music.The hair bandcan’tbe Tom’s. After all, he is a boy!Fill in the blanks withmust, might, couldorcan’t.1. The notebook ___________ be Ming’s. It was on her desk.2. The homework ________ be Carol’s. She wasn’t at school today.3. The soccer ball ____________ be John’s or Tony’s. They both play soccer, don’t they?4. The French book _________ be Li Ying’s. She’s the only one that is studying French.must/mightmustmight/couldcan’t5. I can’t find my backpack. It ___________ be still at school.6. The photo __________ be Lu’s. Those are his parents.7. The red bicycle ___________ be Hu’s. She has a blue bicycle.8. This ticket _____________ be my aunt’s or uncle’s. They’re both going to the concert.must / mightmustcan’tmight / could2cMake conversations using theinformation in 2a and 2b.A: Look! There’s a schoolbag here.B: What’s inside?A: There’s a T-shirt, ...2dRead and answer the questions.Why is Linda worried?What are there in her schoolbag?Does Linda think her schoolbag is lost? Why?Because she can’t find her schoolbag.Her books, her pink hair band and some tennis balls.No. She thinks her friends must have picked it up.Read and then role-play the conversation.Pair workMake a conversation, using2das a model.Where is my cellphone?Make a conversation, using2das a model.Where is my umbrella?Make a conversation, using2das a model.Where is my ear phone?1.belong to属于The guitar might belong to Alice.这把吉他也许是爱丽丝的。China belongs to the third world.  中国属于第三世界。Language pointsThe car belongs to my uncle.这句话还可以说:The car is my uncle’s.当表述某物属于某人时,注意这两句的不同。belong to后直接加人名或人称代词宾格,而第二句be动词后要用名词所有格形式或名词性物主代词。The bookbelongs tome.= The bookis mine.The T-shirtbelongs toTom.= The T-shirtis Tom’s.知识链接The CD might belong to John. (同义句)                                                              2) The schoolbag belongs toTom. (对划线部分提问)The CD might be John’s.Who does the schoolbag belong to?2. Whose book is this?whoseadj.谁的No one knows whose dictionary this is.无人知道这是谁的字典。Whose sweaters are these?这些是谁的毛衣?whose用来对物主代词及名词所有格进行提问:1).提问形容词性的物主代词。These aremybananas.→Whose bananas are these?2).提问名词性的物主代词。That bedroom ismine.→Whose is that bedroom?Hersare in the classroom.→Whose are in the classroom?知识链接3).提问名词所有格(不包括of构成的所有格)Those arethe twins’bags.→Whose bags are those?Tom’smother is a good teacher.→Whose mother is a good teacher?4). whose可针对my、your、our、their、Kate’ s等形容词性物主代词提问who’s和whose的用法who’s=who is,意思是“谁是”,who可以作主语、宾语或表语;whose意思是“谁的”,可以作定语、也可作表语,放在名词前,如:Whose desk is this? = Whose is this desk? 知识链接3. attend a concertattendv.出席;参加Children must attend school.   儿童必须上学。I promised to attend the show.   我答应去观看文艺演出。They were sent to the hospital to attend short-term training courses.   他们被派到医院去参加短训班。attend, join, join in, take part in都有“参加”的意思。区别是:attend主要指“到场”或“出席”会议、宴会、典礼、仪式等。join指参加某团体或组织成为其中一员或参加活动,是非正式用语。join in表示“加入;参加(某种活动)”,in之后接名词或v.-ing形式;表示“参加某人的某种活动”时,可用join sb.  in (doing) sth.。take part in指参加一项工作,在其中分担一部分,也指参加活动并积极工作。知识链接My motherattendedan important meeting yesterday.We are going swimming. Would you like tojoinus?Will youjoinusinplaying basketball?I'm going totake part inthe sports meeting.4. Do you have anything valuable in yourschoolbag?valuableadj.很有用的;宝贵的This painting is very valuable.这幅绘画非常名贵。He gave us valuable advice on the problems of education.他在教育问题上给我们提了宝贵的建议。This experience is valuable to me.这一经历对我很有用。valuen.价值;价格;重要性5. I think somebody must have picked it up.must have picked it up是“must + have +过去分词”的结构,表示对过去时间里可能发生的事情的推测,语气较强,具有“肯定”的意思。--- Linda has gone to work, but her bicycle is still here.  --- Shemust have goneby bus.   Youmust have mistakenher for her sister你一定是把她误认为是她的姊妹了。  情态动词+have+过去分词may (might) have + done sth. / can (could) have + done sth., 表示过去,推测过去时间里可能发生的事情。ought to have done sth., should have done sth.本应该做某事,而事实上并没有做。否定句表示"不该做某事而做了"。You ought to (should) have been more careful in this experiment.ought to在语气上比should要强。知识链接3)needn't have done sth.  本没必要做某事I dressed very warmly for the trip, but I needn't have done so. The weather was hot there.4)would like to have done sth. 本打算做某事I would like to have read the article, but I was very busy then.   







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