Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected Section A 1






Unit 12 Life is full of the unexpected Section A 1






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Unit 12Unit 12Section A 11a-2dWarming upDo you remember any unexpected situation in your daily life?What do you think of the people in these pictures?They look scared/ sad…He broke his arm.He is getting an electric shock.What happened to the boy?Life is full of the unexpected.I was late for work today.WhenIgot up, I found my clockhad rung. It was 7:30.WhenI went out, I found the bushad already left.1aLook at the pictures. What happened to the girl?She got up late.Sheoverslept.Tell a storyoversleep (overslept, overslept)v.睡过头;睡得太久复合词中的over常有“过于……”之意Don’toversleep, Dean! You are to be late.迪恩,别睡过头了!你要迟到了。By the timeshegotup, someonehadalreadygottenin the bathroom. She rushedout the door.在……以前The bushad leftbefore she got to the station.Whenshe got to school, she realized shehad leftherbackpackat home. ….n.背包;旅行包1. By the time I got up, my brother _____ already _______ in the shower.2. By the time I got outside, the bus _____ already ______.3. When I got to school, I realized I _____ ______ my backpack at home.1bListen to Mary talking about her morning. Complete the sentences.hadgottenhadlefthadleft过去完成时(1)构成:由“助动词had(用于各种人称和数)+过去分词”构成否定式:had not +过去分词缩写形式:hadn’t(2)用法:过去完成时表示在过去某一时间或动作之前已经发生或完成了的动作。(3)它所表示动作发生的时间是“过去的过去”。① 表示过去某一时间可用by, before等构成的短语来表示。② 也可以用when, before等引导的时间状语从句来表示。③ 还可以通过状语从句或通过上下文暗示。例如:When I got there,youhad already eatenyour meal.当我到达那里时,你已经开始吃了。By the time he got here,the bushad left.在他到达那里之前,汽车已经离开了。Practice1cTake turns being Mary. Look at the pictures and talk about what happened this morning.I overslept. By the time I got up, my brother had already gotten in the shower.What happened?So, after he out of the shower, I took a quick shower and got dressed. But by the time I went outside, the bus had already left.Oh, what a pain!Oh, yes! So I ran all the way to school. But when I got to school, I realized I had left my backpack at home.Oh, no!No wonder you look stressed.2aListen to Mary continue her story. Number the pictures [1-4] in the correct order.43122bFill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Then listen again and check your answers.1. When I _______ (get) home, I realized I ________ (leave) my keys in the backpack.2. By the time I _____ (get) back to school, the bell _________ (ring).3. By the time I _______ (walk) into class, the teacher __________ (start) teaching already.gothad leftgothad rungwalkedhad startedRetell the story2cMake up an ending for the story and share it with your partner.The teacher looked at Mary andasked her if she had finished the homework. Mary told her the unexpected things she met with this morning but they sound like excuses to the teacher. Therefore, Mary was asked to finish the homework in the class. What an unforgettable day it is for Mary!2dRole-play the conversation.Why were you late for class today, Kevin?My alarm clock didn’t go off! I kept sleeping, and when I woke up it was already 8:00 a.m.!Oh, no!So I just quickly put on some clothes and rushed out the door.You didn’t eat breakfast?No, I didn’t even brush my teeth or wash my face! But before I got to the bus stop, the bus had already left.Then how did you get here?Luckily, Carl’s dad saw me on the street and gave me a lift in his car.Well, at least by the time you got to school, you were only five minutes late for class.1. Why was Kevin late for class?2. How did Kevin get to school?His clock didn’t go off. He overslept.Carl’s dad saw him on the street and gave him a lift in his car.Answer the questionsA taskI had a bad day last weekend….. By the time… When I …. Before I …Did you have a bad day?Language points1. Life is full of theunexpected.unexpectedadj.出乎意料的;始料不及的e.g. It will not beunexpectedif Tom comes late again, because he is always like this.如果汤姆又迟到了,一点也不意 外,因为他一向如此。2.By the timeI got up, my brotherhadalreadygottenin the shower.by the time在……以前,常引导表示过去的时间状语从句,主句常用过去完成时,即had+动词过去分词。e.g. By the time Igotthere, hehadalreadyleft.在我到那儿之前,他已经离开了。3. So I just quickly put on some clothes andrushed outthe door.rush out冲出去,冲出……e.g. Henryrushed outthe room and disappeared in the rain.亨利冲出房间,消失在了雨中。Juliarushed outand didn’t return.朱丽叶冲了出去,再没回来。4. Luckily, Carl’s dad saw me on the street andgave me a liftin his car.gave … a lift捎……一程e.g. Could yougive me a lift, please?请问你能否捎我一程?Jimgave me a lifton my wayhome yesterday.吉姆昨天在我回家的路上捎了我一程。Exercises用方框内短语的适当形式填空。1. Tom __________, running after his brother in the dark night yesterday.2. __________ I was 10, I had been able to either play piano or violin.3. _________, Sammy! It has been late for you to go to school.rushed outBy the timeWake up by the time, wake up, rush out根据句意和汉语提示,填写单词。1. There will be an __________ (意外的)surprise.2. The children _________ (冲,奔) out the school when the bell rang.3. Yesterday the girl ________ (违反) the rule and her teacher was angry.4. When I was about to read my book, I found I ________ (忘了带) it at home.unexpectedrushedbrokehad leftHomeworkWrite out the story of Mary.THANK YOU!







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