2016高中英语选修八Unit 5(人教版)

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5.1  新提升•课时作业
1.The art show was far from ________(be) a failure; it was a great success.
2.Due to the serious traffic accident, the way was blocked so we went by ________ alternative road.
3.To save the drowning child, the boy plunged into the icy water without hesitation, regardless ________ his own safety.
4.________ I explained on the phone, your request will be considered at the next meeting.
5.Owing to the drought, many people would starve to ________(die) without the help from all over the country.
6.A series of attacks have ________(sharp) fears of more violence.
7.All the evidence that he offered suggested that he ________(be) innocent.
8.The weather is abnormal these days, which will have a bad effect on the crops ________(ripen).
9.By ________(analyze) the parts of the sentence we learn more about English grammar.
10.—I wonder why Susan looks worried today.
—I'm not sure, but she ________(have) a small accident driving here.
11.While eating beef, people in the western countries will cut it ________ with the knife and put it into mouth with the fork.
12.In spite of failing to save every endangered species, we may preserve the majority ________ extinction.
答案:1.being 2.an 3.of 4.As 5.death 6.sharpened 7.was 8.to ripen 9.analyzing 10.might have had 11.up 12.from
1.不仅你而且你的妻子也对我很友好。(as well as)
3.天那么冷,他们让火着了一整晚。(keep sth. doing)
5.他过去烟瘾很大。(used to)
1.Your wife as well as you is friendly to me.
2.Lang Lang must be the best pianist alive.
3.It was so cold that they kept the fire burning all night.
4.It seems that nobody knew what had happened.
5.He used to smoke heavily.
6.I had a fever. That's why I was absent from school.
7.It's generally assumed that attitude means everything.
8.There were so many cars of the road that we had no alternative but to wait.
1.There was no alternative but fight till the victory.
2.The more interruption you must deal with while you are reading, the harder it will be to keep your attention on the task at hand.
3.This leaves her ample of time to prepare three meals a day.
4.You should be encouraged to go on working hard regardless past failures.
5.Her voice sharpenered as she became impatient.
1.but后加to 2.interruption→interruptions 3.去掉of 4.regardless后加of 5.sharpenered→sharpened
The True Story of Treasure Island
It was always thought that Treasure Island was the product of Robert Louis Stevenson's imagination. __1__, recent research has found the true story of this exciting work.
Stevenson, a Scotsman, had lived __2__ for many years. In 1881 he returned to Scotland for a __3__. With him were his American wife Fanny and his son __4__.
Each morning Stevenson would take them out for a long __5__ over the hills. They had been __6__ this for several days before the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse. Kept indoors by the heavy rain, Lloyd felt the days __7__. To keep the boy happy, Robert asked the boy to do some __8__.
One morning, the boy came to Robert with a beautiful map of an island. Robert __9__ that the boy had drawn a large cross in the middle of __10__. “What's that?” he asked. “That's the __11__ treasure,” said the boy. Robert suddenly __12__ something of an adventure story in the boy's __13__. While the rain was pouring, Robert sat down by the fire to write a story. He would make the __14__ a twelve­year­old boy, just like Lloyd. But who would be the pirate (海盗)?
Robert had a good friend named Henley, who walked around with the __15__ of a wooden leg. Robert had always wanted to __16__ such a man in a story. __17__ Long John Silver, the pirate with a wooden leg, was __18__.
So, thanks to a __19__ September in Scotland, a friend with a wooden leg, and the imagination of a twelve­year­old boy, we have one of the greatest __20__ stories in the English language.
1.A.However     B.Therefore 
C.Besides     D.Finally
2.A.alone        B.next door 
C.at home     D.abroad
3.A.meeting      B.story   
C.holiday     D.job
4.A.Lloyd       B.Robert  
C.Henley     D.John
5.A.talk        B.rest    
C.walk      D.game
6.A.attempting   B.missing  
C.planning    D.enjoying
7.A.quiet       B.dull    
C.busy      D.cold
8.A.cleaning      B.writing  
C.drawing     D.exercising
9.A.doubted      B.noticed  
C.decided     D.recognized
10.A.the sea       B.the house 
C.Scotland    D.the island
11.A.forgotten       B.buried   
C.discovered    D.unexpected
12.A.saw         B.drew   
C.made      D.learned
13.A.book        B.reply   
C.picture     D.mind
14.A.star        B.hero   
C.writer     D.child
15.A.help        B.problem 
C.use       D.bottom
16.A.praise        B.produce 
C.include     D.accept
17.A.Yet         B.Also   
C.But       D.Thus
18.A.read        B.born   
C.hired      D.written
19.A.rainy       B.sunny   
C.cool       D.windy
20.A.news         B.love    
C.real­life     D.adventure
2.解析:第二段第二句“...he returned to Scotland...”意为“……他回到了苏格兰……”,所以可以推断之前Stevenson都在国外,即abroad。
5.解析:第三段第一句“...take them out...over the hills...”意为“把他们带出来……在小山丘上……”,可知是在散步。
7.解析:第三段倒数第二句“Kept indoors by the heavy rain...”意为“因为暴雨而待在家中”,对于一个男孩来说,在天气差的时候被迫待在家中肯定是件无聊的事,所以dull最贴近文章。
8.解析:第四段“a beautiful map of an island”意为“一张画着一个岛屿的漂亮地图”,所以可知Stevenson安排给儿子解闷的消遣是画画,即为drawing。
10.解析:第四段第一句已经提示Stevenson的儿子画了一张岛屿的地图,所以此处应为the island。
15.解析:with the help of是固定用法,注意:应该用介词with而不是under。
16.解析:include sb. in a story把某人写入故事。
19.解析:第三段中的heavy rain就是答案。
The Tang Dynasty was probably the period when the Silk Road was at its busiest. One important center on the road was the city of Chang'an, where present-day Xi'an now stands. Chang'an was the capital city of this dynasty and by about 750 AD it had become a strong and successful capital of around two million people. Because of the chances for trade, a number of foreigners from countries bordering China lived in the city.
The markets at this time in Chang'an were perhaps the most exciting markets anywhere in the world. They sold goods from India, Africa, Japan, Korea,Turkey, Iran and other Arab countries and many items in the markets would have been completely new to some of the buyers. Interesting animals were sold together with exotic (奇异的) plants and strange medicines. Dried animals, dried foods and dried plants were laid out for sale next to rare seeds and spices (香料). But besides the hope to trade, which drew people together, China was still largely a mysterious country to the outside world and certainly the secret of making silk was still unknown.
The route (路线)to the west followed different paths but the traders would have traveled from places to places, always looking for routes both to water and protection. However, the Ming Dynasty had its policy of isolation (闭关) and reduced the traffic along this ancient land route. Instead, sea routes became more popular and in the early 15th century there were many Chinese ships trading silk and other goods along the coasts of India, Arabia and Africa.
1.This passage mainly tells us ________.
A.the silk trade in the past
B.the rise and fall of the Silk Road
C.the hard life the traders lived on the Silk Road
D.why sea routes became popular in the early 15th century
2.It is probable that many dried goods were sold in the market because ________.
A.the market traders could store them for longer time and sell them more easily
B.they could be stored and transported more easily by the traders on the Silk Road
C.they could be transported far more easily by traders from different countries
D.they were lighter for the camels to carry wherever the traders wanted to go
3.By saying “China was still largely a mysterious country to the outside world” ,the author refers to the fact that ________.
A.a large part of China was mysterious to the outside world
B.China was a large country that was totally unknown to the outside world
C.to a great extent China was little known or understood by the outside world
D.most of China was misunderstood by the outside world
4.What does the underlined word “mysterious” mean?
A.ample  B.wonderful
C.lively  D.secret
4.解析:词义理解题。从“China was still largely a mysterious country to the outside world and certainly the secret of the silk making was still unknown.”看出此处mysterious是“神秘的”之意。